Corinne Marsh

Mobile - 07846 779746

A connection exists between art and the expression of who we are. In our culture logical reasoning is often favoured over creative expression. This and how it impacts on society interests me.

With a background in holistic and psychological therapies and over 10 years teaching, I have observed the power of art to nurture the creative mind to the benefit of our sense of wellbeing and who we are.

With over 25 years working with people and 10 years teaching I passionately believe that you already possess all that you need to fulfill your potential in life and creativity. As a teacher my job is to help you discover it.

BA Hons 1st Class - Fine Art, Sculpture
Full AHRB Funded Masters Research
MASTERS - Fine Art, Sculpture

Drawing on Sculpture - 2012
Seeing Red - 2012
Deep Inspiration - The Jerwood Space, London 2007
Pink Elephants - Hampshire Sculpture Trust 2004
BMW Lifestyle - BMW Scotall 2002

Previously employed by NHS, Voluntary Sector Organisations, Private Companies and Schools
both here in the UK and in Europe. I passionately believe the everyone has all they need to
be creative; it's just about how to bring it to the surface.

Sensitivity to an individual's personal journey is enhanced with training in complimentary and
psychological therapies. My work of the last four years researches the beneficial impact
of creative work in stimulating healing processes.